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 With easy onboarding / registration/ Our Affiliate Marketing program has a  customizable affiliate dashboard, with features that enable you view your visits, referrals, and conversion rate metrics front and center from the last 30 days. 

How It Works?

Register /Enroll. Get Refereal Link/ Coupon. Share Link to your audience. Earn commission for all complete Education Packages Sale.

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Register as an affiliate, to join thousands of marketers, freelancers, creators, publishers, influencers, bloggers etc who are earning with the BestLearningEverTM Associates Program, and get approved to start, get your referral links or coupons.

Recommend Referrals

Share custom referal links or coupons of our educational packages with your audience, from your Affiliate Portal, as many times as you wish. Using your own or already created Creatives (banner, digital flyer, videos etc)

Earn Commissions

Your shared coustom referrral link or coupon automatically redirects a customer(s) from your marketing channel or blog to the BestLearningEver website where they purchase a package and you get paid

Earn 10USD Per Package

Over 20% of the sale price for each complete transaction from all your referrals. Paid directly to your PayPal Account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Affiliate marketing involves promoting a BESTLEARNINGEVER Educational Packages Using your custom referral link or coupon and in exchange you receive a pay or commission as a percentage of the sale. In this case 10USD for any package ourchased from your referrrals.

So basically, think of it like this: you use a certain product and absolutely love it, so you tell all of your friends about it. But instead of simply sharing the news with people about it, you also earn a bit of money for doing so. When done on a larger scale to an audience of people who trust your opinion and are looking for the types of products and services you promote, it can actually become a side job or even your full-time job.

Well, anyone really! Unlike other professions that require years of schooling or training, time at unpaid internships, or entry-level positions, literally anyone can become an affiliate marketing. There are no education requirements, no age requirements (except for this program you need to be above 18 years), and you don’t need to be located in any particular area. This is a job you can do solely from a good internet connection.

Generally, people think of websites when they think of affiliate marketing, but there are a few ways to promote your affiliate links, including:

  • A website or blog.
  • An email list or newsletter.
  • Social media, like Facebook or Twitter.
  • Post on blogs (in the comments section) or forums.
  • Write an e-book or other digital product.
  • YouTube videos.

Sometimes affiliate marketers use only one of these methods, however the most successful ones employ more than one of these to create income from multiple streams.

Complement your promotions from the unlimited CREATIVES accessible within your Affiliate Portal… Find ready Digital Flyers and Graphics.

You can also share the QR Code generated on your Affiliate Portal

To sign up / register as an affiliate go to the “Affiliate Registration” Page, fill in the Form and submit. You will receive confirmation email of your approval with your login credentials and base referral link (which can be customized) on your Affiliate Portal.

BestLearningEver affiliates pay-out is pegged on Pay-Per-Action, this is where an affiliate is paid per new lead they bring in or when they secure a purchase of an education package. Currently working with PayPal, in due course integrating more payment payment processors. The payment is pay-out is done on weekly basis, transparently as listed on your afffiliate portal, payment email.