Frequently Asked Questions

Best Learning Ever is an at-home course designed to instill a love for learning and logical thinking in children. It’s versatile, suitable for use by parents at home or teachers in school or after-school programs. Our modules can be used in conjunction with any curriculum that you choose for your child; Best Learning Ever does not provide curriculum materials.

Engaging with Best Learning Ever yields remarkable benefits. Your child will develop a newfound love for learning, experience improved communication with parents and friends holistically, gain confidence in leadership abilities, and enhance skills in researching and pursuing their passions. Moreover, the program strengthens the parent-child relationship, reinforcing emotional bonds.

Getting started is easy! You can purchase each module of Best Learning Ever [Here]. The modules are strategically structured, guiding your child from Module 1 through to Module 4. This progression cultivates a self-motivated learner and a well-rounded critical thinker, instilling a love for investigation, discovery, and learning. The program builds confidence and nurtures an intrinsic growth mindset.

Getting started is hassle-free! All you need is a computer with internet capabilities and basic software—a PDF viewer and a video player. This ensures seamless access to the rich content and interactive videos provided by Best Learning Ever.

Best Learning Ever presents four distinct modules available for purchase. Each module comprises written text in PDF format and accompanying videos, providing comprehensive guidance for both teachers and students. The step-by-step structure ensures optimal understanding, with modules meant to be utilized in a specific order for broader impact beyond the educational system. The modules are conveniently numbered from 1 to 4.

The standout choice is Module 1, serving as the essential foundation for your child’s journey through the program. Starting here establishes the groundwork, enabling your child to seamlessly progress. As your child delves into their passions, even seemingly “boring” tasks become exciting. The modules strategically incorporate multiple points of excitement, ensuring sustained interest throughout the learning experience.

Engage in our vibrant learning community through weekly group sessions. These sessions, conducted on Zoom, provide a dynamic platform for parents, teachers, and students to learn and practice the methods introduced in Best Learning Ever. Access to these valuable sessions is available through a monthly subscription, and you can find the schedule and sign up [at this link].

The concept of a growth mindset can be likened to providing essential elements for a young person to thrive. It involves instilling in children a positive and determined attitude towards challenges and setbacks. A growth mindset is based on the belief that abilities and skills can be developed through effort, practice, and learning over time. Children with a growth mindset view challenges as opportunities for learning and growth, rather than obstacles defining their limitations. This mindset encourages them to take responsibility for their own learning, fostering perseverance and intrinsic motivation to continuously improve. Embracing a growth mindset makes learners more open to new experiences, encourages curiosity, and enhances engagement with the learning process, creating a more fulfilling educational journey.

To get the most out of Best Learning Ever, we recommend that you:
Follow the steps as they are laid out and go through the modules in order. Do not rush through the program. Let your child progress through it naturally and at their own pace. Let your child lead the way through the program, starting with their passion(s). Do not try to tell the child what they should be passionate about. Let their interests and passions lead the way through the program so that they develop the love of learning. Engage with your child’s emotions and interests and have fun together!

Your feedback is invaluable! Connect with us [click on this link] to share your suggestions or questions and become an integral part of the Best Learning Ever Family. Your input contributes to our continuous improvement, making the learning experience even more tailored to your needs.